Guest Facilities

Automatic Teller Machines available near the Ticketing Office; All major credit cards are accepted.
Automobile Servicing Center
Just in case you need help!
Baby Care Center
Provides private facilities for preparing formulas, warming bottles, changing diapers, and nursing babies. Diapers are available for purchase.
Business Center
International Call, Fax, Copier, stationery, and high-speed internet are available. Please contact our staff for assistance.
Customer Convenience Center
This facility offers a quiet space and is conveniently equipped with a couch and a hot water electric pot to suit our guests' occasional need for private time and rest.
Camera Deposit
As photography & video recording are strictly prohibited inside the theater, camera deposit service is provided inside the theater free of charge. Camera Surveillance System is being employed to ensure the safety of deposited items. Should you wish to store your items by yourself, lockers are also available. Please see Lockers for more information.
Car Park
Free of charge, with a capacity of over 750 cars or 200 coaches. Surveillance Camera System is installed at the entrance and exit of the car park.
Charging Stations
Guests may use our complimentary mobile device charging stations located throughout the Park.
A fully operating clinic staffed by a doctor and nurses is located close to the Park.
Credit Card
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners & CUP are accepted at all stores and restaurants. Debit cards are also accepted.
Crisis Shelter (Disaster Refuge)
Phuket FantaSea is located in a Tsunami-hazardous area. For the safety of all our guests, we have designated an area on high ground as a Crisis Shelter, where guests may safely take refuge in case of emergency. Officially appointed as the evacuation shelter for the Kamala area, our Crisis Shelter is equipped with food, water, restrooms, emergency equipment, and medical supplies for thousands and can be easily reached within a 3-minute walk from Phuket FantaSea. During an emergency, please follow the instructions of our staff who are intensively trained in crisis management.
Currency Exchange
Located at the entrance of the Park.
Disability Parking
Reserved parking close to the Park for guests with disabilities.
FantaSea Hospitality Center
Located close to the main entrance of the Park and provides shower rooms, game rooms, mini theater, sleeping rooms, reading/relaxing rooms, high-speed internet, TV, fax, battery charger, and general assistance service. Please inform our staff should you wish to use the services of FantaSea Hospitality Center.
Information Center
Our 'Land of Smiles' Information Center provides many useful services such as lost & found, missing person paging, meeting point, VAT refund, wheelchair, suggestions/comments, and general assistance.
Lockers are provided inside the theater for camera deposit and shopping storage purposes. A Camera Surveillance System is in place for your protection. Please note that we do not provide any locker or storage service before entering our Park for security reasons.
Lost and Found
Located in 'Land of Smiles' Information Center. You may also follow up on the status of your lost item via email: ticket@phuketfantasea.fun
Lost Persons
Contact our 'Land of Smiles' Information Center or any of our staff.
Pet Suite
For the safety of all our guests and animal actors, pets are strictly prohibited from entering the Park. Air-conditioned Pet Suite is available for a temporary retreat, free of charge.
Power Generator
The entire theater (& show), buffet restaurants, and most areas in the Park are powered by generators to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment for our guests.
Prayer Rooms
Muslim Prayer Rooms for both males and females are located next to Andaman Shop.
Sheltered Walkway
To allow guests to enjoy the Park during rain, most of the attractions inside the Park are made accessible via sheltered walkways.
Taxi and Tuk Tuk (Thai tricycle taxi)
The station is positioned close to the main entrance of Park.
Transportation Services
Our FantaSea Transfer Service provides return transport from any hotel in Phuket to Phuket FantaSea at an economical fee. Private van service is also available at extra charge. Infants must share seats with parents inside the van.
To ensure that our guests enjoy the highest water quality on the island, our Park is equipped with our own Water Treatment Plant. Water used inside the park is treated via Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) and UV sterilization systems and is of drinkable quality. Bottled water is, nevertheless, recommended.

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