Park Regulations, Policies & Etiquette


Every guest is required to purchase a ticket to enter the park. Please hold the ticket individually when entering the park for speedy service.
• Tickets are valid only on date shown.
• Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-changeable and non-exchangeable, and invalid if altered or torn in anyway.
• Child ticket holders must be between 101 – 140 cm (3'3'' - 4'7'') in height (inclusive).
• Infants (height not exceeding 100 cm or 3'3'') do not require any tickets and may enter the park, restaurant and theater at the discretion of parents but they must share seats with the parents inside the theater. Some scenes in the show contain explosion and loud noises and may be scary to some children.

Reentry Policy
• Guests wishing to temporarily exit the park may do so by obtaining a park reentry hand stamp prior to exiting the park.
Dress Code
• There is no dress code per se but respectable attire is appreciated. Visitors will not be allowed to enter the park shirtless or while in swimming suits. Also be advised that the theater is fully air-conditioned and might be chilly to some.
Photography & Video Recording
• Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited inside the theater. All visitors are required to deposit all cameras, video cameras and any recording devices (including mobile camera phones) at the camera check booths located at the security check area before entering the theater. Self-service lockers are also available.
Food & Drinks

• Food & drinks (including cakes and durian) from outside are strictly prohibited in all Phuket FantaSea premises including the ticket booth and car parking area.
• Food and drinks (including durian) are not allowed inside the theater.
• Food & drinks (including cakes and durian) may not be brought into the restaurant. Corkage charge and cake service charge shall be applied on any alcohol and cake brought in.


• Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarette) is strictly prohibited by law in all enclosed spaces and air-conditioned areas, and thus, inside the buffet restaurant as well as the theater. Smoking corners are available at the entrance of the restaurant and the exit hall of the theater.
• Cigars, marijuana, electronic baraku or any device which may cause public nuisance is strictly prohibited in all Phuket FantaSea premises.

Theater Regulations & Etiquette

• The use of binoculars is not allowed, except for the visually-impaired.
• Visitors are required to sit according to assigned seat number only.
• As a courtesy to all guests, please remain quiet during the performance and do not leave your seat until the show has completely ended.

• Pets (including guide dogs) are not allowed inside the Park. A Pet Suite is provided at the entrance of the Park as a temporary shelter.

• Weapons of any kind are not allowed within the Park premises.
• All guests may be requested to go through security check prior to entering the Park. All items deemed hazardous to the safety of other guests will be required to be deposited at our deposit counter. For security reasons, hat, sunglasses and veil must be removed before entering.

Phuket FantaSea reserves all rights to deny entry or expel any individual displaying improper. objectionable or threatening bahavior without refund or compensation oe any liability.

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